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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Murphy's Law/Zorba the Buddha/Marijuana Johnson @ Nite Owl Tonight!

We have a fairly eclectic bill tonight at the Nite Owl, thanks to Do Tell Records. Opening the show will be local stoner rock practioners Marijuana Johnson. Following will be the reggae stylings of Zorba the Buddha. The evening's headliners will be NYC hardcore legends, Murphy's Law, who are currently out on tour.

With so many different sounds tonight, should be an interesting scene......

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Legalize Gassett!!!

Tomorrow night should be more than anyone can handle....

Over at the rarely-used Gilly's, we've got a fantastic local bill. Captain of Industry, 8-Bit Revival, John Gassett's new project Goatherd, and the recently reconfigured Mouth of the Architect are poised to have one of the best local shows of the season. If you want to know more about the "benefit" aspect of the show, ask someone there....

Meanwhile...up Fifth Street at the Nite Owl, touring juggernauts The Story Changes will make an appearance before their Dayton Music Fest set next weekend. Also on the bill will be Simply Waiting, Accidently on Purpose, and Fairweather Fan....

One more good show on Saturday...over at the Oregon Express, a little lighter fare with Wes Tirey opening for Sleepybird, who will be heading out on tour in the next few weeks...

This should be a good warm-up for the Dayton Music Fest next weekend....

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sarasvati Presents....

Over at Pearl tonight, the good girls of Sarasvati Productions are putting on Hip Hop Thursday. Scratchmatik from Dayton will be spinning, among others. Also on the bill is The Lab Rats from Columbus, bringing their indie/hip-hop flavors that sound like a significantly less bitter Eminem. We understand there will also be some kind of art, maybe graffiti/tattoo artists....we'll see.....

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Over Sea, Under Stone @ Nite Owl 9.25.07

For a rainy Tuesday night, you couldn't have asked for much more....

Out on tour all the way up from Houston, Over Sea, Under Stone delivered some excellent 80s-flavored indie pop. Recalling everything from Human League to Bryan Ferry and even a little of the darker Franz Ferdinand at times, OSUS had everyone moving by the end of their set.

Closing out the night was the indie/folk of Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Although the band is young and apparently still trying to solidify its lineup, the songwriting is in place. Give them a few more months and this is going to be one of the bands to watch in this town....have a look....

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They will cover us all....

There's gonna be some good ol' timey music tonight over at Canal Street Tavern....

Opening the show will be Dayton Band Play-Offs runners-up, Umbrella Men. The brothers Tuss recall the Carter Family and Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds, and the Band, but definitely have a more modern, DIY ethic about them that makes them anything but a retro novelty act. Not to mention they write really good songs.

Headlining the night is Red Stick Ramblers from Baton Rouge. Combining western swing and a little bit of cajun flavor, RSR should be a really good time.

Red Stick Ramblers on Myspace
Umbrella Men on Myspace

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Old School

If you still want old punk rock, your show is tonight at the Nite Owl. Four local bands of pre-approved, full-on, old school punk rock. Junkpile dishes out more of the Detroit proto-punk and early British versions, while the Sics fall more into the early-80s California thrash punk of Dead Kennedys. Also on the bill will be The Adversaries with a more ska/punk flavor, as well as J Boozer.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Dayton Music Fest organizers have posted the times for the festival here. They did a good job this year of staggering start and finish times, allowing attendees to catch at least partial sets of more bands. Start marking up your score cards and get ready to walk....


If you were a house, I'd break into you

Tonight at the Nite Owl should be an interesting affair. Up all the way from Houston we have Over Sea, Under Stone with their dark, synth-heavy sound. Wavering between male and female lead vocals, the band draws heavily on post-punk and 80s synth bands.

Balancing the night out will be the acoustic flavors of Mascot and Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. While both relatively new outfits, both have very strong songs and will likely continue to increase their visibility in Dayton. Andrew & the Pretty Punchers have the full band and bring instant singalongs, while Mascot performs solo, veering between melancholy and anthemic. Catch them now before everyone else does....

Over Sea, Under Stone on Myspace
Andrew & the Pretty Punchers on Myspace
Mascot on Myspace

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

1-2-3-4...I'm in Love With You....

Here's a live acoustic performance by Wild and Free over at the Goloka Gallery from a recent show with Andrew and The Pretty Punchers. The song is called "Love Me Too" and is currently one of the most addictive songs in Dayton. Get free!

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Farewell Flight

Tonight at the Nite Owl, Farewell Flight from Harrisburg, PA will make a stop in Dayton. Digging through the sounds of Death Cab for Cutie, Rogue Wave, and Elliot Smith, Farewell Flight create swirling, sentimental melodies that you can wrap yourself up in. They have a couple of EPs, Lost at Sea and Northern, currently on release. Also on the bill will be Lunarium.

Farewell Flight on Myspace

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Tune in, turn on, drop the needle

I just found out about this new radio show. From Dayton Shows:

punk rock radio will be on the air at midnight til two!!!
come join your host dj josh goldman (ha)and guest we'll be playing lots of punk and things that are similiar and lots of local stuff (well, what we have anyway)
98.1 or 99.5 you kind of have to be in dayton to get it in.
tune in and listen to us drop needles on the turntable without the record, hit the wrong buttons, and try not to cuss.
Isn't that the classical music station?!?!?

Halos will be found at CMJ

From the DDN Music Blog:

Local band to play CMJ Music Marathon in New York

Every autumn CMJ (College Music Journal) magazine hosts one of the world’s largest music and film festivals in New York City.

This year’s festival is scheduled for October 16th - 20th and will feature hundreds of bands from across the country including such big names as Spoon, Mates of State, Islands, British Sea Power, Meat Puppets, and Mike Kinsella. (get full list at

This year will also feature Dayton’s own young and talented sonic-alt-rock band Halos Were Found At the Landing Site.

Through a bulletin posted on the band’s myspace page ( they announced they would be “invading New York” in order to “take part” in the CMJ music Marathon.

Halo’s buzz is louder than ever not only because of their upcoming showcase for CMJ, but also because of their new distribution deal with Yuzu Music.

Fans cannot get enough of the Hum meets Minus the Bears energetic 4-piece. The band even created a second myspace page ( just so hungry fans could listen to their practices and demos and get a sense of the band’s new material.

The band is playing two area shows to gear up for the jaunt to New York. They will be at the Poison Room in Cincinnati on October 6th and at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus on October 12th.

Halos Were Found at the Landing Site on Myspace

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Foundry on the rocks

From the Dayton Daily News:

Foundry owners want to sell club

Staff Writer

Friday, September 21, 2007

The owners of the city's largest nightclub want out.

They claim the city's objection to renewal of a liquor permit for The Foundry is hurting their ability to find a buyer for the business at 26 Wyandot Street.

"We've had our fill in running a night club and we want to sell," said Jon Neidert, who owns the club with Paul Ireton. "Nobody is going to buy it if they don't know if there is a future in it."

The City Commission, in April, objected to the renewal of the club's liquor permit based on input from police and neighbors.

There had been an increase in police calls at the club from 75 in 2005 to 116 in 2006 and reports had become more violent.

"This business can hold over 800 people at a time, so it is extremely dangerous for a few police officers to respond when the violence erupts," according to the objection.

Neidert said he has demonstrated good faith to the city by hiring professional security guards and curtailing a fractious Sunday night hip-hop event.

On Wednesday, he told city leaders that he's frustrated over the lack of response regarding the liquor permit, adding the hip-hop venue could be resurrected if the silent treatment continues.

"We've got to pay the bills somehow. We just need an answer," he said.

Commissioner Matt Joseph said the city is looking at the objection and that Neidert should get a response in two weeks. Joseph said he believes the owners have complied with everything the city asked of them.

In March, the club voluntarily dropped hip-hop night and closed on Sundays. Meanwhile, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control held a hearing July 30th on the renewal application. A decision will be made by the state in two weeks.

While I've only been the Foundry for a few events, this scenario seems to be indicative of a greater issue that the city seems to have with venues in this town. Certainly the Foundry is not without its issues, but I'm at a loss as to the behavior of the city in regards to the matter at hand.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The State of Ohio Tonight!

Tonight looks like it's gonna be a good night for shows in this town.....

First, over at the Nite Owl, we have one of my favorite new bands, Of Brothers and the Bear, opening for Nashville band, Redflecks, who are currently out on tour supporting their album, The Story Cannot End.

Redflecks has an electro-indie sound with female vocals. Lots of 80s elements as well that combine for a dense, haunting experience. A more electro version of Magneta Lane.

While Of Brothers and the Bear are a very young band (they're all still in high school, in fact), they have played a number of shows lately with local bands like Toads and Mice and are really coming into their own. The guitar interplay and the inventiveness of their arrangements should really be investigated.

Also on the bill will be OneCoolKid.

Also tonight (seriously, how lucky are we?), over at Jimmie's Cornerstone at Wyoming and Brown Streets, we have a more raucous affair with The Northwest Ordinance, Mystery of Two (from Cleveland), and 'Sit and Dance. Apparently this show was put together very last minute, but something tells me that isn't gonna make it any less fun.

Make your choice kids, and we'll see you out at one of these tonight!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Squids Eye Records website launched!

Less than a year old, Squids Eye Records today officially launched their own website. With their releases by Yakuza Heart Attack and the outstanding Dayton, OH Vol. 1 comp already on the streets and the debut from Grizzzzy Bear ready for pre-order, Squids Eye Records stands to make a serious impact in this town and, quite possibly, nationally. Check out their catalog and other sweet merch. You should also check out their roster which hosts some of the most exciting bands in this town at the moment. Get there!

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Goodnight, Mr. DJ!

Tonight at the Nite Owl:

This will be the last installment of the DJ weekly nite.


Soniq Stylz
James Johnson

If you have ever attended the Nite Owl's DJ weekly, running the past 7+ years, come out and reminisce with us as we put it to bed.

As always - NO COVER!!

Thanks for all your support over the years!!

If you need another option, head over to the Pearl for the always entertaining L'Eighties Night featuring DJ Heather (Jay is out on tour with Heartless Bastards, I believe).

see you out....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Steven's Last Night In Town

This last weekend, one of Dayton's favorite sons played his last show at his virtual home-away-from-home, Canal Street Tavern. Steven Gullet, and his wife Angelle, are picking up and transplanting themselves to the fittingly glamorous locale of Los Angeles, CA.

Over the last 2 weekends, Steven paid his musical adieu as he played his final shows with Snake Oil and The American Static. Over the years, Steven's work with the near-legendary glam-punk outfit the Mystery Addicts, as well as Star Heartless, Love Lies Bleeding, , and his prodigious solo output, loom large in Dayton's musical landscape. His tireless efforts as the host of the now-defunct Musician's Co-Op at CST served as a fertile breeding ground for many a burgeoning singer-songwriter.

Steven, you will be missed. Cheers!

[photo by Carrie]

Saturday, September 15, 2007

And your Dayton Band Play-Offs winner is....

The Audible Influence. According to Glad Girl, it was a 70 vote difference over Umbrella Men. Congratulations to the Audible Influence. Here's to hoping they make something happen in the next year....

...elsewhere in the Gem City tonight.....

...Wild & Free are playing 2 shows today: one at the Dayton Public Library at 2 pm and then out at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs this evening. You should really try to catch one of them, as they're really hitting their stride as of late....

.. Sideshow II is taking place tonight at the Cannery on E. Third. Expect the unexpected with this event. There will be plenty of performers, art, installations, food, beverages, bands, and overall general merriment that can only be presented to you by the good folks at the The Circus.....

...tonight at Canal Street Tavern, The American Static and Shrug. What more do you want?...

...over at the Oregon Express, get your raw on with the Northwest Ordinance (I LOVE these guys), Goody Two Shoes, and youngsters Rad Company...

....Nite Owl has the big rock tonight with Blaxeed, The Torture Store, and a great new band, The Black Cigarettes...

...despite all these options, I will be at a wedding in the northern outpost of Ludlow Falls. Anyone gets any photos or the lowdown, send it along to us here at HQ....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dayton Band Play-Offs Finals tonight!

Yes, the 24th Annual Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern conclude tonight with the Finals between The Audible Influence and Umbrella Men. TAI has been the top-vote getters throughout the play-offs and many would consider them the favorites. Their radio-ready, piano-driven alternapop has earned them a very loyal following. However, Umbrella Men have steadily been winning converts over the summer (me among them) with their vintage folk and twang. Get out and vote!

The Audible Influence on Myspace
Umbrella Men on Myspace

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Mouth of the Architect is not dead

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Mouth of the Architect has not disbanded. From MOTA HQ:
Yes we're obviously not disbanded. Our original guitarist/vocalist is back in the band, and we have an actual full time bassist finally. This benefit for our friend jon (gassett. the show is on Sept. 29 at Gilly's) will be our last show for some time as we have plans to write a new record.
There you have it. We're very glad to hear that MOTA will continue on.

Mouth of the Architect on Myspace


Review: The Color Fred/The Story Changes/Captain of Industry/Joe Anderl @ Celebrity 9/13

For a show so far out of downtown, there were a lot of people that showed up. Everyone had energetic sets, but for me, Joe Anderl really stole the show, even in the opening slot. It was also great to see so many people out in Centerville supporting a new club, Celebrity, which relocated from N. Main St. Do Tell Records is looking to do more all-ages shows there, so keep your eye out for that.

Captain of Industry

The Story Changes

The Color Fred

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Color Fred/The Story Changes/Joe Anderl/Captain of Industry @ Celebrity 9/13

Tomorrow night. Way out in Centerville. I haven't been out to this club yet, but it's going to be an all-ages show with some really great bands. I've been told that The Color Fred (Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday and Breaking Pangaea) is going to be a real treat. Not to mention 3 of Dayton's best all on one bill, all of whom have recently released new a new CD/EP.

Thanks to Do Tell Records for putting this one together...

The Story Changes on Myspace

Joe Anderl on Myspace
Captain of Industry on Myspace

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Punkapalooza postponed

From the Punkapalooza Myspace page:




Sorry to hear that it's postponed, but it sounds like they're still going to work to make this a quality event. And at the Fairgrounds no less. Can't wait....we'll keep you posted...


Mona makes a move

According to the DDN music blog, Mona may be close to signing a major label deal. Word is they recently flew out to LA to do a showcase for Capitol reps and now other majors are vying for the band as well. We'll keep you posted as the story develops...

Mona on Myspace


Dayton Music Fest line-up announced!

Yes kids, it's that time of year again. Get ready to rally round and wave yr Dayton flag! Here's the official notice....


28 bands. 6 clubs. 10 bucks.
Saturday October 6, 2007. 9 PM
Dayton, Ohio.
*Opening Party happens Friday October 5 at 9 PM at Oregon Express

TICKETS/ $10 pass is available now at, from
participating bands, at Gem City Records, Dingleberry's, CD
Connection, and from the venues the night of the Fest. All-ages shows
at Creative Sound Cafe are free. The Dayton Music Fest Opening Party
on October 5 is a separate $5 ticket available at Oregon Express the
night of the show.

SUPPORTED BY/ Heidelberg Distribution/ Budweiser, WYSO 91.3 FM,
Bellbrook Canoe, 5th Street Deli, Thai 9, Rev Cool's "Around the

AGES/ All shows are 21+ except for free, all-ages shows at Creative
Sound Cafe.

SCHEDULE (in order of appearance)/
Friday October 5
Lab Partners

Saturday October 6
The Audible Influence (Dayton Band Playoffs winner)
Shawen Acres
The American Static

Fairmount Girls
The Story Changes
Luxury Pushers

The Goody Two Shoes
Minor Planets
My Latex Brain

Wes Tirey
The Sweep
Joe Anderl
Flyaway Minion

Kentucky Overflow
Human Reunion

CREATIVE SOUND CAFE (free and all-ages)
Joe Anderl
Kris N
Wes Tirey
Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Pitchfork gives music a 6.8

Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso for pointing this one out to me. An excerpt to share:

"Coming in at an exhausting 7,000 years long, music is weighed down by a few too many mid- tempo tunes, most notably 'Liebesträume No. 3 in A flat' by Franz Liszt and 'Closing Time' by '90s alt-rock group Semisonic," Schreiber wrote. "In the end, though music can be brilliant at times, the whole medium comes off as derivative of Pavement."

Ra Ra Riot @ Nite Owl 9/9

Luckily, I was roused out of a sleepy Sunday evening to the Nite Owl. Granted, I missed the band I was supposed to see, which was Kenoma. However, I stumbled into a real treat. Local promoters Do Tell Records somehow convinced Ra Ra Riot to make a stop in the Gem City on an off night from their tour with Editors. Not sure how that happened, but we sure were lucky.....

With a distinctive 80s bent similar to R.E.M.'s Murmur or Dexy's Midnight Runners combined with an Arcade Fire type enthusiasm, this was an incredibly high-energy show. Yeah, you missed it...

Ra Ra Riot on Myspace

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peter Searcy/Little Man/Of Brothers and the Bear @ Nite Owl 9/10

Sure, it's a Monday night. Here's an excuse to go out though. Little Man from Minneapolis is rolling through town and were voted Best Band In Minneapolis for 2007. Come see what you think.

In addition is Of Brothers and the Bear from Troy making their first appearance at the Nite Owl. They're a young band, but I've seen them a few times and their has me excited about their future.

Of Brothers and the Bear on Myspace
Little Man on Myspace