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Monday, October 01, 2007

Marijuana Johnson @ Nite Owl 9.30.07

Heading out on Sunday evenings is always a precarious venture. Lately, however, it's turned out exceptionally well and I've been fortunate to see some really good bands. Fortunately, last night continued this trend, as Marijuana Johnson turned in an inspired performance.

Drawing heavily from the Sabbath and Motorhead playbooks with some QOTSA, ZZ Top, and an unabashed love of the green stuff thrown in, Marijuana Johnson definitely bring the heavy. Rail-thin frontman Brandon Hawk knows how to work an audience and the rest of the band followed suit, jumping onto the floor at every opportunity to engage the audience. The harmony guitar lines definitely recalled some early Metallica and Iron Maiden, with the band just as quickly nosediving into grinding sludge that got everyone in the room into full headbanging mode. Oh, and they're consummate comedians during tuning breaks as well....

Definitely keep an eye on these guys.....

Marijuana Johnson on Myspace

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