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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Okay, I'll Admit That I Don't Really Understand

...for the 10th Anniversary of their artistic coup de grace, the Flaming Lips prepared a special 10-channel version of the epic Zaireeka album, complete with a virtual Wayne Coyne serving as MC to the event, cueing the CD operators when to start each of the album's eight tracks. In addition, Coyne provided additional insight into the making of the album in between tracks. While brevity may not be his strong suit, it was enlightening and gave the album additional perspective, both historically and musically....

...while I could imagine at least a dozen places, situations, and levels of consciousness in which this album might be better appreciated, the fact that it was in public, in record store, and during operational hours made for a rather unique experience. Moving in between the speakers was confined to the rows of CDs. As you passed through the G-H section, you found yourself at a rather optimal position between the speakers that, in our opinion, provided one of the most balanced positions in the room. However, you had to constantly navigate through other people. As opposed to headphones, in which you might feel in between music moving between two poles two-dimensionally, the Zaireeka experience was truly 3-dimensional, as you could move inside the music in some kind of spherical container. Truly an experience....

...Thanks again to Eric Cassidy and Gem City Records for making this happen. On a Monday night, no les...

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