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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Buddha Den @ Fab Gear-12.27.07 our unending quest to bring you everything you wanted to know about the Dayton music scene and more but were afraid to ask, we have transcended cyberspace and have ventured out into the real world. That's right kids, we're out where you are, in public, at the clubs, not just talking about our favorite local music, but PLAYING that music for YOU ....

...the good folks at Fab Gear gave us one hour at the beginning of their fine event to play our favorite local music (and more) for you and give everyone a chance to hear what we've been talking about, in person, and on a nice, loud PA. Here's what we played last night...

Captain of Industry "What the Yuck" and "Plastique Bones" from the Gold Teeth EP
Grizzzzy Bear "Time Machine" and "Passing" from Grizzzzy Bear
The Gluons "The Modern Late at Nights" from the upcoming The Gluons (due out in 2008)
Jet Kid Committee "LOL" from the Squids Eye Records comp Dayton,OH Vol. 1
The Lions Rampant (from Cincinnati) "70/30" and "Come On (Let Us In)" from the Play Rock n' Roll EP (TLR will be at Oregon Express on January 19)
Luxury Pushers "3-Minute Manifesto" from Welcome to the Party, Traitor!
Pretty & Nice (from Boston) "Grab Your Nets" from the Blue & Blue EP (P&N came through Dayton 3 times in 2007 and we'll see them again in 2008...)
The Story Changes "Hero Status" from The Way of the Dinosaur
Switchblade Serenade "Taste Like Wine" and "Stealth Like a Retard" from the No One Cares EP
Toads & Mice "Skull", "Ghengis Kahn", and "Desert" from Toads & Mice
Towhee"Indecisionism" and "Streetlights" from Streetlights
Wild & Free "Where's Your Head?" and "Such a Good Thing" from Andiamo looks as if this may become a monthly outing for us here at The Buddha Den. Stay tuned for more details....



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