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Friday, January 18, 2008

Pretty Punches & Young Tigers... with a typical Friday night in D-town, you got some quality options based on your various wants and needs. As always, we'll break it down for you....

...over at the Nite Owl, you've got the more folk/acoustic end of the spectrum, featuring Umbrella Men, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers, and Ruckus and the Trousers. Keep in mind, these bands may favor acoustic guitars, but this is not a light event. Should be a really good time...

...if you're inclined to trudge into the underground, head over to Acid Fever House and dig the wall of white noise. For you tonight: Antilles, Romance of the Young Tigers, Concrete Artery, Lungs, and Hills. Truly for the initiated, but they will be rewarded...

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