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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meg, You're Starting to Slip

...while exile may often be perceived in a negative light, many have reveled in its uncertainty and ushered in a new era of personal creativity. In this particular instance, we are witnessing exile in progress. More specifically that of one Jake Geisege of The Judy Blooms. Today Geisege issued forth a new demo for the song "Meg, You're Starting to Slip". While its demo quality has its charms, what's more important here is the way in which Geisege is breaking into new territory. More than any of his post-Wild & Free tracks, there is a more refined sentimentality and a sharper control of the melodies. Sure, he's still got a rock classicism that is his stock in trade, but as time wears on his ability to infuse an increasing number of elements continues to impress. In many ways, it reminds us of the bristling wit of a younger Ray Davies combined with Jack White's effortless singalongisms. Have a listen for yrself....

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