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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Sleepybird @ South Park Tavern 6.14.08

...on our third attempt to showcase the embarrassing riches found buried within the Dayton music scene, we were very pleased to host Sleepybird in the cozy environs of South Park Tavern. While the octet had its issues navigating the small space, once every member found its space the band just rolled along. During the shorter first set, the band eased into the evening with several tracks off their upcoming third album, as well as older material. The set was closed out by an incredible virtuoso viola solo by the incredibly talented Lisa Garr. Upon returning for their second set, drummer Shon Walters marched through the club with a bass drum, only to be joined by guitarist/vocalist Nick Tertel and trombonist Dustin Malone on a meander back to the stage...

...From their plaintive ensemble singalongs to their symphonic arrangements, Sleepybird's songs can get at the listener in so many ways. With a distinctive midwestern flavor, their humble yet elegant songs are presented with an intensity and joy for the music. Sleepybird seem poised to transcend with the release of their upcoming album, The Sadness Will Last Forever...

For more photos from the night, go here.

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Anonymous Sleepybird said...

Sleepybird checking in here to say
jeez o' petes! Thanks for such a great night at the South Park Tavern. It was our honor to bring some noise to the fine folks gathered there. Dayton has been in need of something like the Buddha Den and someone like Kyle for...oh, about forever.
Next time you see Kyle.....give him a hug.

1:10 PM  
Blogger semicolon said...

Hi friend.
This is Eric, the happy planets.

I put up lots of pictures from that night on my Flickr account - you can get them here.

Thanks for the fun night.
I tried to say Hi, but man, too shy.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous benjamin said...

that was a hell of a show. good job all around.

4:32 PM  

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