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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/The Judy Blooms @ Jimmie's Cornerstone 8.2.08

...Stepping out onto the new patio behind Jimmie's Cornerstone, as well as within the club itself, the palpable buzz that filled the air generated a sensation that attendees on this evening were in for a show of epic proportions. As Jake Giesige of The Judy Blooms opened up with few songs by himself, the surge toward the stage quickly filled the room to capacity. Running through a handful of new tunes, as well as a solo version of the title track from Wild & Free's album Andiamo, Giesige was quickly joined by the rest of The Judy Blooms and proceeded to tear into some of his finest material. In particular, the full-band version of "Meg, You're Starting To Slip" coasted along with a swagger and confidence that the previous demo version only hinted at. By the end of their brief set, The Judy Blooms had whipped the crowd into a frenzy that set the stage for the main event.... Andrew & the Pretty Punchers took to the stage to celebrate the release of their debut album, Goodbye Ohio, the crowd that had filled the room seemed to double in size, rendering Jimmie's a virtual sardine tin. Regardless of the close quarters, A&TPP reveled in the proximity to their audience, feeding off of the energy and giving more and more in return. With Andy Smith being down on the floor and right in the faces of the crowd, his ability to oscillate between the delicate and the deranged only heightens his abilities in fronting this incredibly tight outfit. Even on the slower-paced new number, the intensity of the set never let up for a second. As the band encored with the title track off their album, the Pretty Punchers gathered together around the mic behind Smith, playing electric guitar for the only time during the evening, and with the crowd joining in on the singalong chorus, A&TPP captured that rare sensation of unbridled jubilation that rock n' roll can conjure in its finest practitioners...

Photo credits to Marla Bremer. For more photos, go here.

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