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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Black Cigarettes/Electric Smoke-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...over the last several months, the Wednesday Night Music Club at Oregon Express has served as a perfect midweek free event. Not only has the open mic portion of the evening introduced a few new talents, the bands that have come through have sometimes moved onto better gigs both at OE and elsewhere. Tonight is a very special treat, with two of Dayton's best young bands performing together for FREE. Taking many of their cues from 70s icons such as AC/DC and Think Lizzy, as well as traces of 80s metal and 90s early alt-rockers like Stone Temple Pilots, The Black Cigarettes and Electric Smoke are very much brother bands that each take a slightly different twist on similar points. They won't be giving this away forever, so head on down and get it while you can...

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