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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Astro Magpie Winter

...if yr heading out tonight, here's our recommendations:

...still the "new" venue in Dayton, Blind Bob's is hosting a good one tonight. Brace yourself for the one-two punch of The Human Reunion and Astro Fang. Seems like every time these two get together it's a big one...

...if you're something a little more relaxed, head over to the Trolley Stop to check out The Magpies from Cleveland. They've been making Dayton a regular tour stop and have earned a pretty loyal following here in town. Stop in to dig the buzz....

...finally, a couple of great touring bands are stopping through Oregon Express tonight. Up from the Deep South, touring partners The Winter Sounds and Look Mexico should make for a good night. Also on the bill, locals Murmur will be releasing their debut CD...

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Blogger Net 31 said...

the goody two shoes has been added to the bill!

see you there!

goody two shoes
astro fang
human reunion

match made in hellven


1:30 PM  

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