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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO feat. State School/Hackplant @ Oregon Express 9.10.08

...on a brisk late summer evening, The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO kicked off at The Oregon Express. Despite some early technical setbacks, the Open Mic portion of the evening kicked off and we were treated to three fine acoustic sets. AJ kicked things off with a somber set of love-torn balladry, followed by the underrated Brandon Hawk, who also had an impromptu hand-drummer with him for the first time anywhere. Closing out the open mic segment, Derek Gullett served up a loose, rambling set that veered between the chaotic and sublime... only their second public appearance, State School hit the stage with a swagger that typically only comes from seasoned veterans. Although brimming with confidence, it should be noted that the trio are exceptionally humble and good-humored. Without any aid from amplification (that includes PA reinforcement), State School drew the room right to the cusp of the stage and held them there for the duration of their set. Armed with more ukuleles than we've ever seen, along with various toy pianos and keyboards, the band served up infectious little ditties lined with witty pop-culture references and the aforementioned good-humor. Recalling Moldy Peaches and any slew of K Records bands, we're very excited to welcome State School to the Dayton music scene...

...closing out the evening, we welcomed yet another new band to the scene, Hackplant. With their feet firmly dipping into the classic pool of hard rock tinged with experimental tendencies and alt-rock sensibilities, the young group showed some promise. Although many of their ideas simply seem to lack focus at times, the musicianship is certainly in place. In particular, the guitar work of Josh Deane caught the ear of the audience. Hackplant may be young, but they seem hungry to make their mark in Dayton...

For more photos from the show, go here.

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