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Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Eat Sugar @ South Park Tavern 12.6.08

...building on our monthly tradition at South Park Tavern, everyone at The Buddha Den was certainly excited to be bringing Eat Sugar up from Cincinnati again. With the band hindered by the inclement weather, they arrived slightly late and proceeded to set up shop without delay. This night was the maiden voyage of South Park Tavern's new room, as the bar space and the band performance space had switched. Throughout the night, we received numerous raves about the improvement. Although none the wiser, Eat Sugar christened the space with their trademark electro/punk dance party....

...while it took a while for both band and audience to acclimate to the room and each other, by the band's second set the room was filling up and adding fuel to the fire. As singer Aidan Bogosian twitched and taunted, drummer Greg Poneris's relentless pulse eventually broke through to the crowd and got people up on their feet. At times their twin keyboard attack shelled out the haunting, hypnotic melodies, but Jim Reynolds moved over to bass as well and whether dirty or clean, his bass never failed to drive up the whole thing several notches. By the end of their second set, the club wanted more and South Park Tavern begged the band to come back and do a third abbreviated set. Fortunately, the band obliged and tore up a few more tunes before saying goodnight...

For photos from the evening, go here.

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