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Monday, May 18, 2009

That's What She Said

...for a kid who's still not even out of high school, John Callon aka Wake Up Mordecai is making quite a name for himself in the Dayton music scene. His debut EP North to the Nth Degree (out last fall) got quite a bit of attention in the local press and already he's dropping a second release with Poptek Records, the full-length, Too Young for the Disco. Retaining much of the understated charm of his first release, Morti ups the ante this time around, however, fleshing out the arrangements with sugary guitar lines and lush harmonies. While there is plenty of ear candy to enjoy, the melancholic fringes give the disc a depth that begs repeated spins. Wake Up Mordecai will be celebrating the release of Too Young for the Disco with a show at Dayton Dirt Collective this Saturday, May 23, so tune in now...

MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Cowboys and Indians"
MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Kinky Girl Scout Cookies"

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