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Monday, August 31, 2009


...first of all, we'd like to say one thing: we love it when bands drop in on us from out of the blue...

...such was the case when we got a line from Chapel Hill, NC quartet Polynya [pronounced poe - LIN - eeee - uh]. The band recently self-released their sophomore disc, Crop Rotations, which we've been enjoying around here. While drawing from some common reference points [Kraut/Shoegaze/90s Indie], their inventive recombinations make this an enjoyable listen. Add to the fact that the band is without a drummer [employing primarily electronic percussion]. Sprinkle a few splashes of riot grrrl and Stereolab for good measure and you've got something that is likely to grab a few ears...

MP3: Polynya "Ribbon Dragons"
MP3: Polynya "Fan Fiction"



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