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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The State of Ohio Tonight!

Tonight looks like it's gonna be a good night for shows in this town.....

First, over at the Nite Owl, we have one of my favorite new bands, Of Brothers and the Bear, opening for Nashville band, Redflecks, who are currently out on tour supporting their album, The Story Cannot End.

Redflecks has an electro-indie sound with female vocals. Lots of 80s elements as well that combine for a dense, haunting experience. A more electro version of Magneta Lane.

While Of Brothers and the Bear are a very young band (they're all still in high school, in fact), they have played a number of shows lately with local bands like Toads and Mice and are really coming into their own. The guitar interplay and the inventiveness of their arrangements should really be investigated.

Also on the bill will be OneCoolKid.

Also tonight (seriously, how lucky are we?), over at Jimmie's Cornerstone at Wyoming and Brown Streets, we have a more raucous affair with The Northwest Ordinance, Mystery of Two (from Cleveland), and 'Sit and Dance. Apparently this show was put together very last minute, but something tells me that isn't gonna make it any less fun.

Make your choice kids, and we'll see you out at one of these tonight!

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