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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Robert Pollard's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Yes, the Robert Pollard. In Dayton. For his 50th birthday...Somehow, we managed to make it into this exclusive event. You don't need to know how. Just be glad we were there for you...

...amidst circulating rumors that Eddie Vedder or Ric Ocasek might materialize (they never did), and after milling about for an hour, the guest of honor reluctantly appeared to an overwhelming ovation from family, friends, and fans. Eternally gracious, Uncle Bob proceeded to spend the better part of the next three hours talking to old bandmates (we spotted no fewer than 10 ex-GBVers), his requisite Monument Clubbers, and basically any fan who just wanted to gush over Pollard's genius. He took it all in stride...

...after several hours, the GBV cover band The Heedonists took the stage and treated the birthday boy and fans alike to a parade of GBV classics and several songs by some of Bob's oft-mentioned heroes. Ex-GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko joined in for a couple of songs, as did Bob's longtime cohort Ron House....

...and then, just when you thought it might not happen, Bob and the Boys (the 98-99 lineup, to be exact) took to the stage and ran through a handful of old GBV tunes. At least one song was aborted, and the only song we can recall hearing for sure was the elusive James Riot, but the rush was there. Hearing that band play those songs litup even the most jaded in the crowd. With everyone being on the floor, the intimacy was stunning...., in the end, it was a perfect drunken afternoon with Dayton's favorite son. Thanks Uncle Bob!



Blogger the high said...

Hey, what about The High Strung playin a tune and then doin' a rockin' version of "scolding Creek" with Uncle Bob himself?

11:21 PM  

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