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Friday, October 26, 2007

Brimstone Howl/Switchblade Serenade @ Pearl 10.25.07

No one at the Pearl last night was entirely sure where the crowd was. It was a great bill and the turnout was exceptionally thin. We presumed most everyone was saving it up for Halloween weekend....

Regardless, Brimstone Howl brought their bluesy-garage-pop sound into town and it was a real treat. Although they were somewhat baffled by the void between band and audience at the Pearl, they still delivered a rollicking set...

With what can only be described as drunken abandon, Switchblade Serenade took the evening to a blistering new level, as the group delivered what was the best set we've seen by the band. Firing on all cylinders and feeding off the energy of the swelling audience, Switchblade's affinity for raunchy garage was on full display. The new material offered the promise of a remarkable debut album, which is currently in the works...

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