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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Sailing/Happy Birthday Amy @ Nite Owl 11.14.07

As the temperature dropped last night, so did some great music at the Nite Owl. While the Squids Eyes artists were out en masse, it looked as if the rest of Dayton had better things to do....

...opening the night was Happy Birthday Amy from Nashville. With their Joanna Newsom-goes-to-the-circus feel, they proceeded to draw in every last audient. Their command over dynamics and delicate application of cornet and trombone only heightened the carnivalesque appeal of the songs....

...closing out the evening were locals, The Sailing. Despite their presence in the Dayton music scene over the last several years, this outfit tends to be mistakenly overlooked. Simply put, no one in this town exhibits musical ambition and bravado on this level; their ability to channel the finer points of 70s prog and 90s Britpop into a cohesive and singular sound places them in a position to make a dramatic impact in the coming months...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were you the doorman last night? I think youuu were. I like yourrrr blog. But anyways, nobody was there last night because the Sailing did absolutely NO promotion outside of myspace. Why? They were told they would not headline. But for some reason they had to?

12:55 AM  

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