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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where everybody knew your name.....

A random encounter today made us think about something that is on everyone's mind in the local music scene. While we try our best to avoid scene politics and unnecessary commentary here at The Buddha Den, this issue is simply to pervasive to ignore...

..yes, we all miss it. Yes, we all know what it meant. For a few years, the Dayton music scene had a venue that was big enough to have great national headliners roll through, yet was small enough to still feel intimate. It was a great place to catch everyone at their best. What's more, it was driven by the music and not bar sales. Lots of bands came and went through Elbos and its subsequent closure has left an inescapable void in the Dayton music scene. Let's hear what you have to say about the club and what you might think is a solution to the problem...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, shit. i try not to think about it. it was a dagger in our hearts. it really went to hell in its final months, but before that, it was unbeatable. they took care of the bands that played and the people who showed up. it was my introduction to D8N music and the only reason - most nights - to bother driving into town. it was the first place i saw the now defunct Electric Dots and Villains play. for some reason, i was allowed to "DJ" there twice with no restrictions on what i played. fun.

existing venues in town lack the right combination of good sound equipment, atmosphere, location, sheer audience draw and respect for musicians/performers that Elbo's had to offer. it was by no means anywhere near perfect, but it was by far the best we had.

fuck the city for not doing anything about its demise and not renewing its liquor license. lets burn an effigy of Mayor McLinn at the corner of 5th and Jefferson. who's with me??

Love ya D8N,

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck the city for not doing anything about it's demise? That place was constantly broke due to the fact that there were hardly any local bands that could draw on their own without being stacked against seven other bands or national bands to help the turnout, and it's a real wonder it made it as long as it did. The city didn't put Elbo's away, Art Chin did because the CBGB's fantasy wasn't enough to keep a bar business above water.

Honestly, no disrespect, but I don't see how the city can be blamed for the bars inability to pull in more alcoholics. If you want to blame the city for anything, blame them for shutting it down when it was almost back up under new ownership and at the same time having no problem with Sloopy's house of date rape, a place that happens to be packed at virtually all times....with no bands at all.

10:36 AM  
Blogger D. Greene said...

I can get you local investors if you can get me

1) a marketing strategy (including regional demographics, distances, age groups, etc)

2) a REVENUE strategy - where is the cash going to flow from to cover your expenses in terms of liabilities, start up costs, and day to day operatiosn?

3) A mission: what is the specific, precise purpose of YOUR 'Elbo's. That physical location doesn't have to be it, but it is a great spot.

Anyhow, when you have good answers to all three of those questions, give me an email.

As for profit ... that's irrelevant. The profit is just dollars and cents, the wealth you gain is the thing about it that benefits your soul.

5:58 AM  

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