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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Umbrella Men/Reggie Stone @ Nite Owl 1.18.08

...despite a pair of cancellations on the bill and a last-minute addition, the evening's festivities at the Nite Owl came off just fine...

...opening the evening, Reggie Stone wowed the audience with his acoustic guitar pyrotechnics,at times gently coaxing the instrument only to revert to pummeling the guitar into submission. Stone's ability to make the most of the limitations of the guitar and to transform himself into a virtual one-man band certainly impressed us, although a shorter set might have made for greater impact... up were Umbrella Men making a rare appearance in Dayton. On this night, the brothers Tuss muddled through various technical issues and delivered an fairly good set based on what we've seen in recent months. With many pieces in place, we'd still love to see the band augment its lineup and quite possibly elevate their brand of folk rock to the next level...

...closing out the night with a rousing set, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers continue to up the ante with each successive appearance. As the band blitzed through their own fiery take on folk/country inflections blended into power-drinking anthems, the audience gave back as much as they received. While the band may still have a few minor tweaks to make, we are expecting great things from A&TPP in the coming months...

photos of Andrew & the Pretty Punchers by Marla Bremer. For more photos, go here.

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