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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Buddha Den Winter Sampler 2008-Now Available!

...hey kids, as a way of saying "Thanks!" to all of you and to all of the bands we've been talking about for months now, we've gone and put together our own compilation CD. Yes. For you. For free. Why? Because that's what we do.

Here's the tracklisting:

Captain of Industry “Plastique Bones” from Gold Teeth EP
Grizzzzy Bear “Passing” from Grizzzzy Bear
Luxury Pushers “3-Minute Manifesto” from Welcome to the Party, Traitor!
Pretty & Nice “Grab Your Nets” from Blue and Blue EP
The Gluons “The Modern Late at Nights” from The Gluons
The Lions Rampant “70 30” from Play Rock n’ Roll EP
Wild & Free “Where’s Your Head?” from Andiamo
Caregiver “Spaceass and Judy” from Caregiver
Toads and Mice “Dig Hole” from Toads and Mice
Towhee“Streetlights” from Streetlights
Yakuza Heart Attack “Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet” from Yakuza Heart Attack
Joe Anderl and the Imaginary Friendship Choir “Dayton, Ohio” from I ♥ Joe Anderl
Switchblade Serenade “Cowards in the Shadows” from No One Cares can download all this fine music, plus our cover art, for free right here. We highly recommend that you share this with friends and give the bands that are included the love they deserve. Go see them. Buy their albums. Send them nice emails telling them you like their stuff...

...we plan on doing one of these quarterly, so if you or your band would like to be included, let us know. We're always on the lookout....


Anonymous Obenour said...

Hey man, thanks for doing this - nice way to motivate me to spend $5 on a band I kinda know now. Fun stuff!

10:54 AM  

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