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Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Latex Brain/Accidently on Purpose/Switchblade Serenade @ Canal Street Tavern 2.29.08

...with it being a leap year and all, it could have gone either way last night over at Canal Street Tavern. In fact, it went both...

...after missing the debut of opener Swell, we came in on an reduced lineup of Switchblade Serenade. Following the departure of guitarist Matt Webster, the remaining trio is soldiering on with incredible intensity. The sleeker outfit delivered their trademark gutter/garage with an intensity and directness that only bolstered their sound and left us hopeful for whatever might come next from this highly unpredictable group... this was our first report on Accidently on Purpose, our expectations were high. Digging way back into an early 90s/pre-Nirvana brand of grungy punk, the band impressed us with a distinctive blend of punk/art-rock influences. Charismatic Greta Smak prowled the stage with burning intensity, drawing all eyes onto her and her band for the duration of their blistering set. As soon as you get a chance, be sure to catch them... last, the moment of celebration on this evening had arrived, as the post-industrial juggernaut known as My Latex Brain unleashed its new album, Good Is Dead. Although there was lengthy delay due to myriad technical difficulties, the band persevered, channeling their frustrations into their performance and elevating the intensity of their sound to nearly unbearable levels. As bassist Chris Corn and drummer Roger Owsley initiated a sonic Blitzkrieg through the venue, singer Hoops screeched and howled his mutilated rantings, the sum which resulted in an unparalleled assault on all sensory intake. Truly, MLB is one of the most exciting and inventive bands in Dayton at the moment...

..for more pics from the show, take a look over here.

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