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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PROFILE: Dayton Dirt Collective we've been keeping tabs on what's happening in Dayton, we couldn't help but notice the proliferation of benefit shows for the Dayton Dirt Collective as of late. Curious to know more about what this group is up to and, more importantly, to share with all of you, we caught up with Nick and Mindy from the DDC for an interview...

The Buddha Den: How did the DDC form? What were its goals initially? What are they now?

Nick: The DDC is basically a group of people in bands/showgoers who also would throw shows either at their house or in whatever bars would have us. I noticed we were all separated and groups would stick to their own groups shows. When I would throw a show I would see the same faces and then I’d see other people’s show flyers and wonder who the hell they were. So we decided to combine forces, sorta like the justice league, and fight evil or put on shows…I see it as the same thing. The goals have been the same since we started. It’s real simple, we want an all ages show space, four walls, a ceiling, some electrical outlets, and a toilet. Nothing fancy, nothing esoteric, just a place to book whatever band we want and not care how much the bar made in drink sales.

Mindy: the DDC formed from Dayton dirt which we nurtured and watched grow into a beautiful collective flower.

N:Wow, that was cheesy.

TBD: How does your collective work? Why did you decide to establish a collective? Who are some of the core members?

N: The collective started, as most things do, with some ideas and desire. We now have it very structured. We have a treasurer, schedule coordinator, public relations, human resources, and facility coordinator. We have by-laws drafted up which are going to be sent in to get us incorporated. We have an accountant and I’m at this moment trying to get us a lawyer pro-bono. And trust me lawyers are dying to get in on this thing and work for free. We are all volunteers, no one is getting paid for any of this and no one ever will. We started the collective cause this is a lot of work. Plus, Dayton needs this.

M: The core group is a bunch of dedicated super humans that is constantly growing in size.

TBD: We’ve heard that the DDC has secured a space for shows. When do you plan to host your first shows? How is this venue going to be different from other venues in Dayton at present?

M: Yes! We have a space, 144 E. Third Street. The first show is in May or something and it will be different cause anyone can come in, anyone can play a show, anyone can be a member and have a say in how the venue is run. DDC is for the people, by the people.

N: Tentatively we get the key in April to get ready and we start paying rent in May. We already have some shows booked in May with bands from Seattle, New York, Georgia, France, Sweden, Texas, and more. We are also going to be included in Urban Nights. We are going to be the ONLY (non Christian) all ages club in Dayton…as far as I know, anyway.

TBD: In the long-term, what are your goals with the DDC in Dayton? How do you think it will help the Dayton music scene?

N: hopefully we’ll be around for a long time. Some of our inspirations were 924 Gilman in California, Mr. Roboto project in Pittsburgh and Charm City Art Space in Baltimore. Those places have been open and running for years so we are very hopeful ours will be too. People just have to remember to respect the place, no fights, no drugs/alcohol, no racist/homophobic/sexist attitudes. Hopefully, with a great place to play more bands will spring up and with so many bands coming in from all over it is a great opportunity for local bands to get some great connections and make some good friends.

M: our long-term goals are the same as our original goals, to provide a safe all ages venue with emphasis on music. It’ll open up the doors to all of the bands and supporters who are under 18, believe it or not they exist.

TBD: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about the DDC?

N: I would like to say thanks to Jimmies Cornerstone Bar for letting us do some of our benefit shows there and all of the houses that let us do shows in their basements or front rooms. Some bars are kind to bands; it’s not their fault it’s illegal for minors to be in the bar. Also, we are just two members of the collective and if we said anything stupid it’s cause we’re stupid.

M: Our website will be up soon and we are on Myspace, of course. DDC literally rocks!



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