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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Titbag "Full Belly, Empty Balls"

...the incessantly prodigious Fictionband has issued forth another salvo, kids. This time, enter the Tard metal treats of the debut by Titbag, Full Belly, Empty Balls. As the band's name clearly suggests, this is by no means for the lighthearted or the humorless. All taken in stride, however, Titbag delivers some grinding metal stripped to its most steely core. Apparently, Fictionband has endured legal proceedings and endless negotiations to acquire the rights to issue this lost classic from the 70s "Kings of Tard Metal". Let's be clear: You will find no spandex. You will find speed. You will find virtuostic guitar work. You will find epic metal sething into your veins. You will want find your head whipping to and 'fro. As always, the kids at Fictionband serve this up to you on a steaming hot platter as a completely FREE DOWNLOAD. Just go...

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