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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Andrew & The Pretty Punchers @ South Park Tavern & Human Reunion/Grizzzzy Bear @ Nite Owl 4.12.08 we began our evening with our show over at South Park Tavern, we'll start our report there. With our first foray into hosting our own events, we were very excited to be showcasing Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Being the only band of the evening, the audience seemed more than satisfied with the new format. A&TPP turned in a rousing performance filled with love songs, screams, and drinking songs that drew the audience fully into their world. More like a house party than a typical bar show, the lines between band and audience were blurred throughout the night as both pushed each other, with the result an incredible beginning to The Buddha Den Showcase series. We'd like to thank everyone that came out to support this event....

...after wrapping up our event, we bolted over to the Nite Owl to catch the last two bands of the evening, the twin forces that are Human Reunion and Grizzzzy Bear. With the club packed to capacity, Grizzzzy Bear unleashed their newer, more aggressive onslaught with a precision and a sense of purpose that we had not heard in the newer material before. After a couple of months spent trying to solidify this new direction, on this night everything seemed to come together for Grizzzzy. Peppering the set with their more familiar material off their debut disc, the new songs seemed to gel within their set in a way we had hoped would materialize. Take notice Dayton...

...making their first appearance of the year, Human Reunion took to the stage with an urgency that fueled their set with a fire that truly placed them at the top of the heap in Dayton. Their pulsating beats firmly grounded the music as their trademark synth squibbles careened around the room, whipping the audience into an absolute frenzy. With Jeremy Fredericks prowling the stage and further enticing the audience, Human Reunion served notice that they are still a formidable musical force in Dayton...

For more photos from the night, click here.

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