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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Acid fever and cornerstones....'s a good night for Dayton music yet again, kids. If you're inclined to get yr drink on, head down to Jimmie's Cornerstone to witness the garage-trash maelstrom that is Switchblade Serenade. Sharing the bill will be fuzzed-out newbie duo Mountain Screamer...

...if perchance you long for the intimate setting of a house show, we've got a great one for you tonight over at Acid Fever House. Opening the evening will be The 1984 NFL Draft (nee Joe Anderl), fresh off an East Coast tour. Next up you've got one of our absolute favorites, Toads and Mice. Closing the night will be perennial Columbus faves The Kyle Sowashes, who will be celebrating the release of their new album, Yeah, Buddy! Should be a great one...

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