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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Towhee 5.10.08

...following up on the success of our first big showcase featuring Andrew & the Pretty Punchers, we're gonna do it again May. This time around we're featuring the indie pop sweethearts, Towhee. The band has garnered some serious press accolades over the last year on the strength of the their debut disc, Streetlights. They've grabbed ears with their subdued, yet elegant brand of indie rock. We're very pleased that Towhee is participating in The Buddha Den Showcase Series... far as the details go, same deal as last time:

It's a FREE show.
It's an ALL AGES show.
Music starts PROMPTLY AT 9 PM.
The show will be at SOUTH PARK TAVERN, 1309 Wayne Ave.

If you're curious at all, swing down and check it out. You've got nothing to lose...

Thanks to Andy at Magnetic Flux Design for the poster art. We'll see you on May 10...

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Blogger J.O.E.Y said...

best of luck guyzz...

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