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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Human Reunion/Romance of the Young Tigers/Lungs @ CADC

...upon arriving at the gallery space in the Cannery District, we were informed that the PA had not arrived and that the out-of-town-band, Unpsparing Sea (from Cleveland), had canceled. As fas as we were concerned, this was absolutely no way to start the evening. Alas, we waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually, Lungs began and thankfully their bludgeoning riffs and sprawling grind were sufficient to bring us back into enjoyment of the evening. As a band we'd not yet seen in town, Lungs were a welcome surprise. Drawing heavily from such 90s icons as Slint and Unwound, Lungs has taken enough from that palate and added their own sludgy melodicism to the template. On this particular evening, the band suffered through several gear failures, but still came out just fine. Apparently, the band is gearing up to release a 7" later this summer, so stay tuned for more on that... if the evening couldn't drag out any longer and be riddled with any more gear failures, as Romance of the Young Tigers prepared for their set they were befallen by numerous gear-related issues that put their start time well past that promised for the headliner. Regardless, once the group began, their ebb and flow of sonic landscapes resonated through the gallery and out on the streets of Dayton like an ocean across the harsh post-industrial landscape. As the sheets of distortion raged and retreated, the subtlety of the electric piano offered a welcome familiarity against the backdrop of feedback. While Romance of the Young Tigers continues to challenge audiences in Dayton and beyond, we'd have to say that it's an experience best enjoyed through recorded mediums...

...after enduring the numerous technical barriers, we simply could not hold out for The Human Reunion to take the stage. We apologize to both readers and the band for this, but if anyone has a report or imagery, we'd love to hear it...

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OpenID foilthong said...

The Human Reunion had no gear problems and albeit a late start, we wrecked some shit!

1:42 PM  

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