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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Captain of Industry/Lab Partners/Grizzzzy Bear @ Gilly's 6.28.08

...while many shows in Dayton begin with a relative whimper as the opening band is forced to endure the unspoken code of show attendants arriving well past the fashionably late mark, on this evening at Gilly's the force that is Grizzzzy Bear enjoyed a nearly packed house from the very beginning of their set. As the band unleashed their newfound fury, the collective jaw dropped throughout the club. As a band that is riding an undeniable buzz in Dayton, Grizzzzy Bear on this night proved that the hype is deserved. While the band is certainly pulling away from the synth-heavy psyche/pop on their debut disc, the ADD-inflicted tendencies of their arrangements that made that album so brilliant are simply taking a more aggressive slant as the Myspace-only track "Mr. Bloodsuck" suggests. As one infectious riff turned into a sludgy grind and then spun out into a snotty pop nugget, it seemed apparent that Grizzzzy Bear stands as one of Dayton's finest young bands...

...having not been spotted on a Dayton stage in nearly a year, Lab Partners hit the stage shrouded in psychedelic fog. The band filled the club with their trademark soaring shoegaze/drone pop and seemed to grab some unfamiliar ears. Guitarist Mike Volk veered between elegiac 12-string guitar work to slashing power chords as Amy Smith's synth bass and Mike Smith's echoed jangle washed over the audience like a seemingly tranquil, yet utterly enveloping, tidal wave... last the time came to celebrate Captain of Industry's release of their incredible new album, The Bronze. As keyboardist/vocalist Nathan Peters strode out in a dapper suit jacket, the rest of the band filed in and proceeded to lay down their patented brand of indie prog/pop with a joyful determination that carried throughout their set. As the band tore through chunks of their new album, they also dug out a number of tunes from their back catalog, all served up with a undeniable sense of purpose on this night. From the aggro fire of "Sabo" to the lilting saccharine of "Popsicle", on this night COI simply could not miss. Drummer John Lakes and bassist Ian Sperry held down the frantic rhythms as guitarists Kevin Oldfield and Tommy Cooper drew from a seemingly endless palate of sonic delights. As if the occasion wasn't already special, the band offered up a ferocious cover of Deerhoof's "The Perfect Me". As the band closed out an extended encore with "Good Side Son" off their debut disc, it seemed as if the night served as a reckoning of the band's past with their seemingly bright future... the end of the evening, there was a consensus that everyone would like to see more shows like this on a regular basis. For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Blogger Juliet said...

Last night's show really took me back some of the great shows of year's past. I mean we've had some good shows recently, but that was one for the record books.

I'd also like to say a big thanks on behalf of myself and the rest of the barstaff at Gillys. Last night was a great night for us, and the bands and crowd made it happen. I'm really pushing for us to do more rock shows there, and I think last night was a great example of how well it can go.


8:31 PM  

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