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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Northwest Ordinance/The Buddha Den DJ Hour @ Pearl 6.26.08's what we played in The Buddha Den DJ Hour at Pearl last night...

8-Bit Revival "Led Astrea" from Under the Fairweather
Accidently On Purpose "AKA" from Miminari EP (out July 4)
Captain of Industry "Gold For Your Mouth" and "Healthy Spines" from The Bronze (out July 28)
De Novo Dahl (Nashville) "Shakedown" from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
Electric Banana "Denim on Denim" from Denim on Denim
The Gluons "The Modern Late at Nights" from Meet the Gluons
Grizzzzy Bear "Stale Body" from Grizzzzy Bear
Jordan Hull "On To Me" from Jordan Hull
Human Reunion "Red Ape" and "Hug Jail" from Squids Eye Sampler
The Interiors (Chicago) "I'm So Happy" from The Interiors
Jet Kid Committe "LOL" from Dayton, OH Vol. 1
My Latex Brain "Capitalist Knife" from Good Is Dead
Nightbeast "Jungle First Date" from Inside Jokes for Outside Folks
Pretty & Nice (Boston) "Grab Your Nets" from Blue & Blue EP
Jesse Remanant "Better Than You" from The Human Cannonball
Toads and Mice "Ghengis Kahn" from Toads and Mice
Towhee "Streetlights" from Streetlights
The Whathaveya "The Other One" from The Whathaveya Explodes! (out July 4)

...following our set of local tracks, The Northwest Ordinance lunged headlong into a furious set of brilliant garage-grunge. Serving as a lightning rod stretching back through Detroit-via-NYC-via-Seattle, this band knows its lineage and serves to update the mold. As the band tore through a number of newer tracks as well as those from the most recent album, State of Ohio, their raw intensity left most of the audience stunned. Navigating string breaks and various technical issues, the band might need a few adjustments in balancing out their levels for maximum effect. Regardless, NWO stands as one of the most interesting bands in Dayton at the moment...

For more pics from the show, go here.

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