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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heavy Echos

...if yr up for getting out tonight, you've got a couple of good options...

...the good folks over at Fab Gear are bringing you a special night tonight of Heavy Hitters tonight at Pearl. The bill includes Electric Smoke, The Vectors, and Reaper. In addition, members of the bands will be spinning some of their favorite tracks...

...if yr feeling a bit more subdued, head over to the cozy confines of South Park Tavern for the triumphant return of Echos Dayton. After spending a couple of months out near Wright State, the Echos Dayton kids are bringing their event back with a bang. In addition to the writer's workshop (starts at 8) and the numerous poets, music this evening will be provided by none other than the one-two punch of Scott Deadelus and The Gluons. You know yr ready for this...

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