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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More chunkies for mass consumption

...while their release schedule may be erratic at best, it can hardly be denied that the kids over at Fictionband are doing great work unearthing some of the most interesting releases from Dayton's sordid past and present. This time around, Fictionband offers up an abridged version of local home recording aficionados Ohio Briars 5-disc opus Punch the Red, which includeds ex-GBVer Dan Toohey. As if that weren't enough to digest, also on yr plate is the sole release from The Igniters, Igniting I (circa 2000). Grab these two platters as FREE DOWNLOADS HERE.

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Anonymous Ted Theodore Dankerson said...

There's actually a couple of more releases that the Igniters had out at the time, and will eventually be up as erratic fashion of course.


12:09 PM  

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