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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vega Cough Ritual

...only further bolstering our position that Thursday is the new Friday in Daytonia, here's the rundown of how to get yrself into a mess tonight...

...if yr into the usual Thursday scene at Pearl, they've got a good one for your tonight. Newbies New Vega headline along with The Host (Cincinnati), Halos Were Found at the Landing Site, and Stone the Mayor Sheriffs....

...if yr looking for something a little edgier, head on over to the Dayton Dirt Collective for a night of serious sludgy action. You've got a stacked deck with the pulverizing sludge trio Cough (Richmond, VA), the all-girl hardcore of Red Thread (Boston), the brutal grind of Churches Burn (Columbus), and local flavor from
Dripfeeder and Treefingers... if yr looking to get way out, head on over to Acid Fever House for a night of noise and psychedlia. Slated to appear are Altars, Cult Ritual, Vile Gash, and K. Anible. If you dare...

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