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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turkish Engine

...hey kids, you've got a pair of great shows to get out to tonight. Here's the details...

...over at Canal Street Tavern tonight the brothers Remnant celebrate the release of their split 7" from Southeast Engine and Jesse Remnant. Although older brother Adam Remnant's Southeast Engine is sporting a leaner lineup these days, their delivery is still potent. Jesse Remnant will be getting backing from members of Shrug. Opening the evening will be youngster Jordan Hull... could also swing over to Oregon Express to catch a solid bill of garage/punk goodness. Between Thee Pistol Whips, Mountain Screamer, Hospital Garden, and newcomers Turkish Delights, you've got plenty of good rockin' tonight. We'll see you out...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Ken Hall piano/organ player for The Rebel Set is part of Jesse Remnant's band.

10:15 AM  

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