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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Billy Catfish & Lonesome Tumblers @ South Park Tavern 11.8.08

...although the Dayton music scene was widely dispersed among a number of quality events last evening, The Buddha Den Showcase held a show at South Park Tavern that has not been seen around these parts in over a year: Billy Catfish and his Lonesome Tumblers...

...kicking off the evening with his trademark solo set, Catfish displayed the effortless charm that earned him quite the reputation in Dayton over the years. Veering between somber country ballads, some requisite comedic banter, and finally an epic noise crescendo, Catfish closed out the first part of the evening amid bubbles and waves of echoed guitar...

...resuming the action with Lonesome Tumblers in tow (featuring Don Thrasher and Tom Byrne, whose Dayton rock pedigree need not be examined here), the trio served up a loose set filled with driving rockers, subdued country drinking songs, impromptu rock n' roll history lessons, and polarizing noise marathons. As is characteristic of Billy Catfish's standard operating procedure, the set was filled with tightrope moments that engage the audience in a way that few acts do. Even Catfish himself seemed surprised by the results at times, but never disappointed...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Blogger billycatfish said...

i will say that at least the pizza was good

ha ha


3:26 PM  

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