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Friday, December 26, 2008

More Best of Dayton 08...

...hey kids, we're very excited to introduce a couple of new contributors to The Buddha Den today. We figured what better way to get to know these people than to give you their Best of Dayton 08 lists...

...first up, we've got GladGirl...

Fave Dayton Criminal:
One legged bandit of the Oregon District.
Robbed Franco's Italian Restaurant not once, not twice but 4 times. Making off with some vino and cash, Dayton Police are asking for you help apprehending "leggy" who has managed to out run them. He is described as missing his right leg. But then again everyone whose been in the Oregon District could have told you that.

Fave House Party:
Last fall @ Wayne Manor - (not named after the home of Batman's Bruce Wayne but because it's on Wayne across from crack-Kroger)
Art on all three floors with Towhee playing in the attic while the residents of house successfully arguing with the landlady long enough for the entire set to get played before the cops were called.
Final score, Residents 1 - toothless 4ft. lesbian landlady 0

Fave Local CD Release:
Jordan Hull
self titled debut.
Find it, buy it, love it!

Fave International CD Release w/ local ties:
The Breeders "Mountain Battles"
CD release party was awesome! Everyone could and still can attend 24/7 via the band website. The CD release party was filmed at the West Carrollton VFW. In speaking to Kim personally last March she said filming that CD release vid was one of the most fun things she's ever done. I was happy to see they were doing something local in connection to Mountain Battles since they had no intention of playing Dayton. (unless you include the Cincy Obama rally during the Early Voting campaign along with "The National") They haven't entirely forgotten their roots as evidenced by taking liberties and using a tune, "It's The Love", penned by current Dayton resident, former Breeders /Amps bassist and Tasties founder, Louis Lerma. They forgot to send a check but at least remembered a hardy Midwestern "Thank-You" in the liner notes. It's the little things. (on a side note, The Tasties are re-releasing their stuff so find them in my Myspace top friends and check them out on Youtube for early to mid 90's performances.)

Fave Description of a Band:
"DRIPFEEDER" (dayton)- mammoth crust sludge locked up in the closet at the nursing home with a green lollipop.

For more GladGirl Top Dayton Faves, follow this link to my personal blog. There you will read about getting "Dirty", flip flops, robots, bonfires, bartenders, Cleopatra, deli sandwich's, Youtube AND MORE..........'s what PunkRockNick had to say about 08 in Dayton...

i hope this isn't too long. i kind of got carried away...
in no particular five of 08

1. the beginning of the dayton dirt collective.
okay, so i am biased on this one being one of the founding members of the ddc. it was a lot of hard work getting all together and not really having an idea how to do it, we just started. we did some benefit shows at the cornerstone bar, goloka gallery, front street warehouse, and at peoples houses. it really created a sense of (comm)unity in local bands and with people who were interested in doing something different. who would have thought that you would have local area artists, poets and musicians arguing over how much of the budget to spend on toilet paper. it has had ups and downs in the past 7 months of being open but will not be going anywhere anytime soon. once again dayton has touring bands stopping by here instead of driving past on their way to cincinnati. i believe it has also pushed local bands to want to travel to other places. plus, it doesn't look like a dentist office anymore!

2. the death of the nite owl
good god did i hated going to that place. it was a disorganized mess sure to be a bad night out. one bartender was working and was continuously pissed off. (though he did tip well when i delivered pizza to him so it was probably being in the belly of the beast that was the nite owl that upset him so) it was great that they would let 18 year olds in BUT then they would charge them ten dollars. the worst stage set up ever. one time i went there to see hookerspitwindex play. one of the guitar players (bryan) cranked his amp up. they quickly told him to turn it down because they were going to mic it that way it would be heard in the back, where there was about 10 people sitting. bryan pointed to all of the people standing in front of the stage (much more tan 10) and said but what about them? exactly! good riddance.

3. jasper the colossal
Dayton's own (now) all girl punk band. somewhere in the limbo that exists between 60's garage rock and late 70's punk rock exists the soothing sounds of jasper. of course they have also been known to thrash a bit here and there and jump off the stage and tell girls not to show them their tits. they don't wanna see 'em! when i hear their softer songs it makes me think how they would fit in perfect in a John Hughes soundtrack. a scene driving down the road maybe in an 70's impala wondering what happened to that girl that dumped you and maybe she is better off. here is a short interview with nicki the lovely lady who plays the bass.
me: so, you're in jasper the colossal?
nicki: yes, yes i am.
me: i really like you guys. did you figure that would happen when you started? that i would like you that is?
nicki: no actually i didn't. i didn't really expect anyone to like us in the punk scene for some reason.
me: you know you're one of the punkest bands in town right?
nicki: well after a few shows i figured out we were. (laughter)
me: were you guys disappointed when you found out ian (former drummer, now just in hospital garden, also an excellent band!) was a dude and is that the reason he left?
nicki: yeah, we were upset wen we found him peeing standing he decided he couldn't hide being a boy anymore so he went his separate way.
me: what's your new drummers name? i heard she has a double bass pedal.
nicki: and great timing.
me: but what's her name?!
nicki: her name is sarah.
me: okay that's it. thanks nicki!
nicki: you are welcome sir. (inserted "smiley" face here)thanks

4. he laughs, he learns, he loves
in order to diversify and to really create that the ddc was a locals safe haven and also to prove that i am the musically well rounded man that i am, i was going through all kinds of local bands and putting them on shows having never heard them. i booked these guys not knowing what to expect. holy sheeit! they took off like a bottlerocket held by a 5 year old kid cause his dad was too drunk to care. they were jumping all around, off the walls, off each other, they were crawling into the floorboards and busting back out of them. they were screaming, doing sexy poses with sparkly belts on, playing incredibly difficult parts that most people couldn't even play if they were standing still with their tongue stuck out of the side of their mouth in concentration. the singer's high pitched screaming and yelling permeates over the fast as all get out music. the drums thrash through with the pop of the little porker snare beats. if you are a drummer sit behind this kid and watch him. his drum beats, if slowed down, would be fodder for the late night strobe lighters and mirror dancers at club masque but sped up is like the sound of that little raver kids heart exploding from a jungle beat meth-cut ecstacy overload. these kids have so much style it's disgusting. it's punk, it's hardcore, it's new wave? it is very fast and danceable and grooving. if you're an old rocker they are going to make you look like it's past your bedtime when you play with them. they are hoping that hannah montana and the jonas brothers are coming to their birthday party.

5. defiance, ohio at the ddc
this was the first show the folky punk rockers have ever played in dayton. which is really amazing (and somewhat sad) seeing as how young Will, drummer, guitar, and singer is from dayton. they even recorded one of their albums here! our town was in a sad state of affairs as far as d.i.y. music goes and this show was a hefty middle finger to all of the bands who have passed us over for all of these years. the ddc was packed that night. it was the ladyfest benefit (which, by the way is hopefully in someone's top five cause it was amazing!) Kanible played harsh noise, amanda did some hilarious standup with a punch line that went, "you killed your mom when she gave birth to you? cool", gem city saints played some rocking tunes, hospital garden played some great upbeat noisy indie rock, last priority, a band from california who had a show booked at the pearl that night was appropriately bummed about their show there and asked to play this one to so we let them jump on and slay with some thrash skate punk, and then defiance ohio took the carpet (we don't have a stage...i know, i know) the place was packed , people were arm to sweaty arm, singing their little hearts out. the ddc's first crowd surfing took place. it was about music that night. people didn't seem to care about the lack of alcohol, or a place to sit, there was something in the air that night that i a haven't felt in a long time. dayton felt alive again. like we have a chance, a rebirth, a jesus zombie coming back from the grave to eat brains and save the souls of the bar rock sinful souls.

...look for more from GladGirl and PunkRockNick in upcoming installments of The Buddha Den in 09. Who knows? There might be more voices popping up as well....


Blogger Jefferey said...

I caught the tail end of a Jasper the Colossal set at OE, and wished I'd come earliers. They sure have a high energy level, and sound good too.

Looking forward to hearing them again sometime...deffo one of the best-of, just from the brief bit I heard.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bullshit jab at the Nite Owl.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kyle, hiring people who think that the Dayton Dirt Collective is a better venue than the Nite Owl was is obnoxious. I'm all for a more robust staff, but maybe get somebody who hasn't recently gotten a lobotomy?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Nick and Noelle said...

Way to be anonymous, anonymouses.

-Noelle L.
(who has no opinion on anyone else's opinion, but at least PRNick attached his name to his.)

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

having a blog with your girlfriend or boyfriend is kinda gay

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And using "gay" as a synonym for lame is just as funny as it was 10 years ago. Really. You've got a razor-sharp wit, anon.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Noelle, I believe the plural of "Anonymous" is "Anonymice".

Oh, and PRNick is still full of shit even if I don't attach my name to a comment designating him so.

10:20 PM  

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