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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PROFILE: Hans Condor

...we know you still have a thing for rock n' roll. So do we. That' why we're so excited to bring you this little interview we did with Nashville's Hans Condor. We spoke with guitarist/vocalist Charles Kasper in between tour stops. Enjoy...

The Buddha Den:
How about we hit rewind for a minute and get a little Hans Condor history? How did you all meet up in Nashville? What led to the formation of Hans Condor? Where'd you get that name???

Charles Kasper: I came to Tennessee from Iowa via Alaska. Eric (Elsner/drums) came down from Rochester by way of Seattle, and Erik (Holcomb/bass, singing) moved to TN after Alabama and Texas. Everyone wound up living in East Nashville, working, drinking, wasting time, and trying play in different bands. Over time we all eventually played shows together or wound up working the same jobs and got to know each other while serving time in that particular microcosm. Hans Condor had been trying to get off the ground for a while and when our other projects dissolved/lives went to shit, we said fuck it all and took flight. The name refers to the sex move the "Hans condor" also called the "caged bird","dirty bird", "foul fowl" or the "randy pigeon".

TBD: Within a few seconds it's pretty obvious you guys are pretty into Detroit rock a la The Stooges/MC5. What other influences do you hold dear? Any contemporaries yr hot for?

CK: Silverhead, Motorhead, NWA, Meat Loaf, Jack Oblivion, Billy Joel, The Pogues, James Carr, Electric Light Orchestra, Rose Tattoo, The Animals, The Kids, Dr. Hook, Warren Zevon, Mudhoney, ... you can see we listen to everything except the man. We hope that comes out in our music, ya know hatin' up the man and all, but also the unlikely elements one might not immediately associated with our move. Most popular music kinda sounds like the man. Contemporary artists...hmmmm. We like bands that we get to play shows with and get Cd's/records from. We've met so many great musicians over the past months and they all have their own powerful swagger and that's what really incites us to keep our moves alive and powerful. That's beautiful. the people we meet and play with along the way, they jam, they drink with us, they aren't in that damn box and that makes them more relevant to us and what we like doing than the man's music.

TBD: Looking at yr itinerary it seems like yr a band that loves the road. How much time do you spend out? What keeps you out on the road so much? Do you see yourselves as more of a touring band than a studio band?

CK: We don't have homes, jobs, or much else to lose, so we just try to stay moving. We are also ready to rip the lid off some new tunes. We enjoy the studio as much as the road, so we will probably let the van take a nap and track some moves we've been stepping into.

TBD: We're very excited that you've buddied up with Daytonians The Northwest Ordinance for a few dates following yr stop through Dayton late last year. How did you two bands hook up?

CK: I think I was on the computer randomly listening to music this past summer and found their tunes, dug it, and started talking to them about doing a show together. Though that summer was hazy, so those creeps might have a different story. We lived it in November. We'll live it again. It sounds good and we're looking forward to it.

TBD: With so many bands out there these days, what sets Hans Condor apart from the pack? What keeps you guys motivated to keep on?

CK: An extra testicle, toilet humor, and speed...lots of speed.

TBD: Anything else you'd like The Buddha Den readers to know???

CK: We all are electrically charged. We all are troubadours. We all wield the sword of song and live a few feet off the ground. We are often mistaken for gentlemen. We will all tear this curtain away and see a new sun rise. Free-fall speed doesn't lie, but the man does.

...Hans Condor will be rolling into Oregon Express this Saturday, January 31. Along for the ride are locals The Northwest Ordinance and Mountain Screamer...

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Blogger The Northwest Ordinance said...

We played with Hans Condor a couple months ago and we were totally blown away by their live show. These guys play gritty, high-energy, psychedelic garage-rock, so if that's your thing, you should definitely try to make it out to the OE Saturday night. You won't be disappointed.

6:36 PM  

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