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Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Buddha Den Presents: Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Jesse Remnant/Mascot @ J-Alans 2.6.09 could feel it as soon as you walked in the door. With the near glacial avenues of Dayton finally reemerging as legitimate walkways, the need to break out into the streets was overwhelming. Even early on in the night the restless crowds poured into J-Alans, seeking any sort of respite from the tedium that has beleaguered this city in the throes of winter. Alas, the promise of even a modicum of joy in this, the depths of the season, pulled so many out for the promise of a night of music. Following a short, but spirited, set by Mascot, Jesse Remnant offered a sparkling set of pop gems from his highly underrated debut, The Human Cannonball, as well as string of masterpieces from GBV's Bee Thousand, that induced the revelers into a momentary singalong...

...without a doubt, however, the din had come to witness Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Over the past 18 or so months, each subsequent appearance garners further accolades from their peers and adulation from their audiences. Yet again, this formidable unit stepped into the lights and channeled the collective angst and optimism of life in this post-industrial wasteland. Unraveling tales of drunken nights and jaded hope, in their unbridled enthusiasm Andrew & the Pretty Punchers deliver a catharsis that, if only for a brief shining moment, enables this sleepy city to revel in near-perfect rock n' roll bliss...

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Anonymous the deluca brothers are shit...they're scum said...

did i just read a college thesis or a show review? let me pull out my thesaurus while i try to figure out what "modicum" means before I can comment on anything else

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from the previous comment:

"did i just read a college thesis or a show review?"

"uncle strange" responds:

you just read a show review, and i might add - having attended the show myself - a very accurate one in my opinion.

by the way . . . don't be afraid. words won't hurt you. even those gosh darn pesky ones that you've never heard before.

also - i would recommend pulling out your *dictionary* to find out the meanings of words. once you learn the meaning *then* you can go to your thesaurus to select a more appropriate word (if necessary).

just a "heads-up"

12:32 PM  
Anonymous the deluca brothers said...

dearest uncle strange,

your ridiculous accusation that i could not find a synonym for "modicum" is laughable at best, yet pathetic mostly - i'm sure your condescending, dry wit will serve you well in middle management at that orange julius stand - or better yet, you could moonlight as an editor of vice magazine.

to end, we deluca brothers insist you remember this crazy old acronym -


that's nerdspeak for "Keep It Simple Stupid"

don't be afraid of underthinking

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear brothers,

i have reviewed my post and still cannot locate the part where i "accused" you of not being able to find a synonym for "modicum." i was simply questioning your decision to go to a thesaurus for the definition of a word.

regarding your acronym KISS ("keep it simple stupid"):

i would argue that the buddha den's review of the show *was* simple. it was also direct, well-written, and in my opinion, accurate.

and finally, about your advice: "don't be afraid of underthinking"

well, it's not that i'm afraid. i'm simply having a difficult time understanding the potential benefits of the concept. afterall, history (recent and otherwise) has shown that "underthinking" has a fairly severe downside. nevertheless, i am willing to keep an open mind. hey - here's an idea: why don't you continue writing and convince me of the value of underthinking?

just a thought.

your uncle,

p.s. i am happy that you enjoy, or at least recognize, my wit. perhaps we can find some common ground there. i am reaching out to you.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...none of which has anything do with the show.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous the deluca brothers said...

uncle strangelove,

the only thing *simple* was that it was *simply* overwrought with a pseudo-intellectual jargon.

hey, the buddha den is great, the bands are great, the show review was just a *bit* much - a to-the-point, concise show review would probably be much more effective it was informative before it was convoluted or "thought provoking."

history would also show that smarmy attitudes exhibited over the internet by uncles lands you right back where you began - in your computer chair.

now where's my orange julius and that 20 sack of weed you owe me?

deepest sympathies,

the deluca brothers

10:14 PM  
Anonymous the deluca brothers said...

sorry for the grammatical errors

11:04 AM  

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