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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DOWNLOAD: The Years Live @ Elbo's 7.3.05 historical context, the significance of some bands seems greater than it was during their actual existence. It's just the way things work out sometimes. An idea emerges and fails to find an audience. The legendarily erratic behaviors of musicians thwart forward progress. People just move on....

...A few months ago we came into possession of a three-song disc by The Years. The band ran for most of 2005 and featured Jake Geisege (vocals/guitar; Wild & Free and The Judy Blooms) Josh Wickersham (bass/Wild & Free, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers); Brandon Guthrie (drums/Toads and Mice), and Dave Kitchener (guitar). What's more, the band's recordings were made by Dustin Rose, currently of Toads and Mice. So, clearly, there's some interesting history here...

...through special arrangement, The Buddha Den is very pleased to issue as a FREE DOWNLOAD, The Years Live @ Elbo's 7.3.05. This set is dynamic, yet driven. It's spacious, swirling arrangements harness the deranged urgency of Modest Mouse and the earthy, Midwestern stomp of My Morning Jacket. The seven tracks offer an interesting insight into the divergent paths of its members: Geisege and Wickersham turned a corner back toward more traditional songcraft; Guthrie would soon pair up with Dustin Rose to form the wildly popular Toads and Mice, retaining, yet further exploring the sonic possibilities presented in The Years. As seems to often occur, one member of The Years, Dave Kitchener, seems to have retreated from music. In many ways, his wiry guitar runs foreshadow part of the essence of Toads and Mice... can grab this tasty little nugget of Dayton's recent musical past for free through us...


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