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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Dirty Walk

...we're gonna hop in the time machine for a hot minute on the instigation from our friends over at Fictionband. If you were in Dayton in the early years of this nascent century, odds are you remember a little outfit called The Dirty Walk. Featuring Jeremy Fredricks (Cigarhead/Let's Crash/Human Reunion) on bass/vocals, Tyler Trent (Brainiac) on drums, and Darryl Robbins (The Keynote Speaker/Montgomery Greene) on guitar/vocals, this trio was some serious mess. Although short-lived, this trio, and later a reformatted quartet, harnessed that quintessential Dayton thread and made it all their own. You can grab the whole 5-song demo over at Fictionband for FREE which is the only document of the band...

MP3: The Dirty Walk "Toilet Knife"

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