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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turkish Mascot

...we're continuing our April Residency at The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO tonight with The Turkish Delights. In case you haven't joined us over at the Oregon Express yet this month, the trio are catching a serious wave and have turned in two excellent performances. We'd highly encourage you to join us this evening, especially since it's totally FREE. Opening the evening will be Mascot. We'll see you there...

MP3: The Turkish Delights "Dig Yourself"
MP3: Mascot "Solar Party"

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Anonymous Total Tunage said...

Turkish Delight!
Growing up, I was always creeped out by the name "Turkish Delight" because it sounds, well, like something creepy. That the kid in the Lion The Witch and the wardrobe would trade his family for some, seemed like a metaphor for creepy. Then, when i grew up, I found a box of candy called Turkish Delight and it's disgusting. Then, as my kids got older, and they start bugging you for the car and stuff, you realize that some days you'd trade them for a box of crappy candy after all.

Just kidding, but keep up the good work. love the blog.

2:03 PM  

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