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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wake Up Mordecai CD Release/Towhee/Jesse Remnant and the Trainwrecks/XL427-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective we mentioned earlier this week, Wake Up Mordecai will celebrate the release of his new album, Too Young for the Disco, tonight at Dayton Dirt Collective. Let us reiterate that we highly recommend to check out this new release. Along for the ride this evening will be some of Dayton's finest practitioners of indie pop, Towhee, Jesse Remnant and the Trainwrecks, and XL427. Things get started around 7 pm, so don't be late...

MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Cowboys and Indians"
MP3: Towhee "Calm Down"
MP3: Jesse Remnant "Better Than You"
MP3: XL427 "It's Not Just Pink, It's New Wave Pink"

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