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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peopleperson//The Kids Are All Done For

...from our friends over at Fictionband Mechanics, it is our distinct pleasure to announce the first official release from our favorite home recordist, Peopleperson. As announced this morning, The Kids Are All Done For is now available as the first physical release from the label. Tapping through everything from twangy surf rock to Kraut minimalism to swirling shoegaze/psychedelia to unrepentant shredding all while retaining a idiosyncratic melodicism that keeps this an engaging listen throughout. Certainly The Kids Are All Done For will tax many listeners' capacity for modern music, but for the initiated, a fruitful musical bounty awaits. You can pick up the disc here and get a look/listen below. Enjoy...

MP3: Peopleperson "The Kids Are All Done For"

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