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Monday, September 28, 2009

VIDEO: Smug Brothers//Interior Magnets

...for a band that's still not made a proper Dayton appearance, the elusive Smug Brothers seem to be building quite a buzz. The band will make their hometown debut this Saturday at the Fifth Annual Dayton Music Fest [@ Oregon Express; 11 pm] and have issued a new video for their current single, "Interior Magnets" to help promote the appearance. The video was shot by skate vid guru Dave Ackels and features a "starring role" by Chris Crabtree. In keeping with their aesthetics, no member of Smug Brothers can be seen in the clip...

...the Smug Brothers 5-song single Interior Magnets is available through Dayton label Squids Eye Records. Smug Brothers are also rumored to be on a billing somewhere in Dayton sometime in late October as part of an exclusive one-off performance by a former Dayton native. Details remain unconfirmed, but stay tuned to The Buddha Den for more information as it becomes available...

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