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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Appreciation Post/Dirty White Ponies/The Gluons @ Nite Owl 10.10.07

Although I would have gone to this show at the Nite Owl anyway, my evening was somewhat hampered by the fact that I was obligated as door person for the evening. Drag. Alas, it turned out to be a very well-attended show with an enthusiastic crowd the likes of which I've rarely seen on a Wednesday....

First up on the bill was Squids Eye Records' The Gluons. The duo took to the darkened stage, armed with small amps and a drum machine, and proceeded to issue forth several new wave/garage gems that were highly danceable and incredibly melodic. However, the group still has a few gear issues to iron out, as well as possibly shortening their set for maximum impact...

Second this evening was The Appreciation Post, out on tour from Boston. Armed with their synth-laden powerpop, TAP rattled off one memorable hook after another. Their sound was also impeccable, allowing the big guitars and keyboard melodies to compliment each other perfectly.

Closing out the evening was the alt/punk of Dirty White Ponies. While showing some promise, this band seems relatively green. Upon inquiry, I was told that Myspace tracks will be forthcoming...

It would be great to see more turnouts like this on weeknights....

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Anonymous tonygilbert said...

that budweiser sign is so ghostly/creepy on the first two pics.

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