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Monday, October 29, 2007

Wild & Free/Endless Mike & the Beagle Club @ Jake's House Party 10.28.07

Although we missed the myriad events that took place on Saturday night (Pollard's Birthday Party did us in), we were back out in the fray last night....our sources told us that there was to be a house party hosted by Jake Geisege of Wild & Free. So, we made our way out to the wilds of Wilmington Pike....

Upon our arrival, we caught Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, in town from Johnstown, PA. Truly, this seemed to be the atmosphere in which the band fully thrived. I simply could not imagine them in a bar. A handful of audients were thoroughly versed in the band's repertoire, while most of us were seeing the band for the first time. Regardless of familiarity, EM&TBC proceeded to win over every person in the room, holding the attention of even the most jaded. With a sound somewhere between early REM, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Hold Steady, this was truly a treat....

...fresh off their CD release show for the incredible debut, Andiamo, Wild & Free turned in a spirited set for a select group of Sunday nighters. While it seemed that most people had been to see them on Saturday night, those of us who braved the basement were treated to an intimate reading from the rehearsal board. If you missed it, get their disc Andiamo at your soonest convenience....

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