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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wild & Free/Andrew & the Pretty Punchers-Tonight @ J-Alan's

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that we've provided extensive coverage on Andrew & the Pretty Punchers and Wild & Free over the last few months. You may have also noticed that these two bands really like playing together. Really. By our count, this is the fourth time in three months they've done so. Quite frankly, they're an amazing pairing. The two bands have a genuine admiration for one another and their sets are so complimentary that it makes for a near-perfect event every time....well, we hope you don't think they're going to play every show together forever. You know that isn't, eat yr turkey (or Tofurkey, as the case may be), let it all digest, and get on over to J-Alan's (on Ludlow near the Schuster Center, in the Talbot Towers) tonight to catch two of the best younger bands in this town on their respective ways on up... seal the deal, here's some video of A&TPP doing "Helluva Lot Colder" over at Goloka Gallery a while back...

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