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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Circus Creative Collective Presents: Rebuilding- Tonight @ Pearl

...thanks to the good kids at The Circus Creative Collective, the weekend starts early and awesome tonight. Over at Pearl, there's going to be a ton of great music and more for your delight. Opening the night will be none other than singer-songwriter extrordinaire, Joe Anderl, who is sure to start things off right. Next up you've got the elusive Mascot, followed by one of our newest faves, Grizzzzy Bear. They just put out one of the best records this year (Dayton or not), but they don't play out too much so you should really make the effort to catch these guys. Closing out the night will be Outside Residential, who we recently spoke at length about.... addition to all this great music, there will be poetry readings by Matt Estvanic and Dave Nichols, a belly dancing exhibition/contest, and a slew of artists exhibiting their work. All courtesy of The Circus Creative Collective. Be sure to thank them. We'll see you there....

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Blogger 3066 Labs said...

I have a fetish for events with about a kerchillion participants and the confusing and muddled flyers that accompany them

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