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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Switchblade Serenade/Sitandance/Japser the Colossal-Tonight @ Jimmie's Cornerstone

...tonight it's happening over on Brown St. at Jimmie's Cornerstone. On tap, we have newer outfit, Jasper the Colossal,dishing out their brand of new-wave/punk, the mysterious Sitandance (we still haven't seen them and they have no web presence; if anyone has the lowdown on these guys let's hear it), and the inimitable gutter-garage of Switchblade Serenade. This will be their last show before the new disc, No One Cares, drops next week. See you there...

**CORRECTION** Switchblade Serenade WILL NOT be playing this evening. We apologize for the inaccuracy of our report.

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