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Friday, December 07, 2007

Joe Anderl/Mascot/Grizzzzy Bear/Outside Residential @ Pearl-12.6.07

As various members of the Circus Creative Collective gathered in the early evening at Pearl, we simply weren't sure what to expect from the evening. With art and crafts on display in the walkways surrounding the stage area and a widely varied cast of characters beginning to trickle in, we knew this evening could go in any direction... his favored opening position, Joe Anderl began the musical portion of the evening with his somber, yet highly passionate, collection of tales of heartbreak and hope. Although Pearl hardly served as the ideal setting for such a set, Anderl's consummate storytelling drew a number of audients and held them captivated throughout his set. With a vigil of Johnny Depp at his feet, how could he not?

...after a set by Mascot, a revamped lineup of Squids Eye Records faves Grizzzzy Bear took the stage. On this particular evening, the band took a decidedly muscular approach, ditching their trademark synths and allowing the guitars to handle all of the melodies. As the guitars took the fore, the hip-hop and lo-fi flavors that dominate the band's debut disc were buried in favor of the trace punk elements that run through the disc. While we would admit that something was missing on this particular evening, the material still resonated with the near-capacity audience. In some of the more angular and prog sections, the band proved to us why they're still one of the most exciting and inventive bands in this town with or without their vintage synths....

...we apologize, dear readers that we did not maintain for the Outside Residential set. We can only do what we can do. If anyone has photos or commentary on the last set of the evening, we'd love to hear it...

...We'd like to thank the Circus Collective for putting on an amazing show. The turnout was spectacular and really drew in such a wonderful array of people to see so many different performers and artists. Nice work, kids. For more photos, go here.

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Blogger 3066 Labs said...

Hey Circus Collective
Don't advertise your event as "Free" and then staff the door with thugs demanding a donation. Stop being passive aggressive artists.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

dear sir--

while i did my utmost to write "donations joyously accepted" on all promotional items, clearly smile at everyone i checked the i.d.s of, and politely ask "would you like to make a donation?" i am sorry that i still came off as thuggish to you. you have my sincere apology, and please direct any anger or ideas of passive aggresiveness to me, the maker of fliers and person who worked the door except for two smoke breaks worth of time, instead of towards the collective. thank you, and i hope you still enjoyed the show.

1:38 AM  

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